Starting in January 2021 the UI will continue the development of the 2022-2027 UI Strategic Plan.

Development Overview

Planning efforts will be anchored in three core areas:

  • Student, Faculty, & Staff Success
  • Research & Discovery 
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Engagement will be embedded in the strategies of each area.

This approach leverages UI strengths and identifies areas of opportunity necessary for the UI to become a "destination university."

graphic: development overview, highlighting priority areas and key entities involved in planning

Throughout the development process:

  • Data and Assessment Team support
  • Continuous campuswide feedback via listening sessions, open forums, focus groups, etc.; and collaboration with Shared Governance, Council of Deans, President's Cabinet, UICA, etc.

Strategy Team (ST)

graphic: planning hub and spoke, with strategy and development teams in the center collecting input from various sources

The Strategy Team (ST) will be charged by the president to develop a new five-year strategic plan for the university.

The ST co-chairs will form and provide oversight and direction to four strategic planning development teams and the Data and Assessment Team.

The Strategy Team and development teams will engage in campuswide iterative feedback processes to construct the strategic plan throughout the entire planning process. 

During the development phase the Strategy Team will:
  • ground their work in continuous campus feedback from students, faculty, staff, and external groups;
  • develop mission, vision, and core value statements;
  • set strategic plan goals, strategies, and measurable outcomes using:
    • draft plans submitted by the development teams;
    • collegiate and unit strategic plans;
    • feedback from campus leadership groups;
    • feedback from campuswide listening sessions, focus groups, town halls, and open forums; and
    • campus and benchmarking data provided by the Data & Assessment Team; and
  • identify areas of distinction that will contribute to the creation of a "destination university."

Development Teams

The Strategy Team (ST) co-chairs will form and provide oversight and direction to four strategic planning development teams in the areas of Student Success; Faculty & Staff Success; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; and Research & Discovery.  The development teams will:

  • consist of content experts,
  • analyze and incorporate themes and priorities from collegiate and unit plans,
  • hold listening sessions and focus groups across campus,
  • identify areas of distinction that will contribute to the creation of a "destination university," and
  • submit draft plans to the Strategy Team. 

Members of the development teams will be:

  • Dean representation appointed by the co-chairs in consultation with the Council of Deans
  • Faculty representation appointed in consultation with team leads and Faculty Senate
  • Staff representation appointed in consultation with team leads and Staff Council
  • Student representation appointed in consultation with team leads and UI Student Government (UISG) and Graduate & Professional Student Government (GPSG).

[Click on boxes at right to view full development team membership]

The Data and Assessment Team will provide support to all teams.

Student Success Team

- Academic Experiences
- Belonging, Mattering, and Mentoring
- Experiential Education
- Holistic Well-Being


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Team

- Welcoming and Inclusive Culture
- Population Specific Supports
- Recruitment, Onboarding, and Retention
- Training and Policy Development

Faculty & Staff Success Team

- Culture
- Institutional Resources
- Recruitment and Retention



Research & Discovery Team

- Critical Research Infrastructure
- Faculty and Staff Research
- Student and Postdoc Research
- Important Concentrations of Research

Data & Assessment Team

The Data & Assessment Team will help the Strategy Team and development teams articulate priorities for change, devise implementation plans, and identify sources of information needed for monitoring effectiveness of change.  The team will serve as a resource for identifying and using existing information sources, and will help identify strategies for collecting information not currently available in institutional data.

The Data & Assessment Team will:

  • provide assessment and analysis to define themes​,
  • identify and support the application of institutional information resources available for strategic plan development​, and
  • assist in establishing metrics and providing ongoing outcome analytics.



March 2021

College/unit plans due to provost and president

Mar.-Apr 2021

Draft themes identified from college/unit plans and from listening sessions with campus stakeholders

June-Oct. 2021

Feedback on draft themes, issues, and opportunities for distinction solicited via focus groups and listening sessions with campus stakeholders

Dec. 15, 2021  

Draft area specific strategic plans submitted

Dec. 2021-Feb. 2022

spacer 300 px

Comprehensive strategic plan drafted
    Feedback on draft plan’s goals, strategies, critical tasks and metrics to address issues and opportunities for distinction solicited via town halls and open forums with campus stakeholders

Mar. 14, 2022  

Draft strategic plan provided to the Board of Regents

Mar.-May 2022  

Feedback on draft plan’s goals, strategies, critical tasks, and metrics solicited from campus

May 13, 2022

Final strategic plan submitted to the Board of Regents

June 2, 2022 

Board of Regents approves strategic plan

July 1, 2022  

Strategic plan implementation begins