Implementation and evaluation of the UI Strategic Plan for 2022-2027 will be managed by the Strategy Team (ST).
The Strategy Team (ST) will: 
  • review strategic plan progress at least annually and report to campus;
  • adjust goals and strategies as needed in consultation with campus content area experts; and
  • manage available resources to support strategic priorities and to strategically invest in areas of distinction that will contribute to the creation of a “destination university."
graphic: implementation, illustrating that implementation and funding will be managed by the Strategy Team

The Data and Assessment Team will provide support to the Strategy Team as needed.

Funding and Allocation of Resources

graphic: funding, illustrating that the strategic plan will be supported by various funding sources including P3 funds
Allocation of resources to support the strategic plan will be critical.  

The UI’s strategic plan will be funded by:

  • the UICA comprehensive campaign, 
  • internal and external funding sources, 
  • GEF budgets of colleges and central service units, and
  • resources from the UI public-private partnership (P3).
The Strategy Team will be the institutional manager of the P3 Program in support of strategic priorities.

The ST will: 

  • solicit campuswide proposals to compete in the P3 Program funding process;
  • vet and recommend investment opportunities to the P3 Board of Directors* and work with the Board to allocate funds or strategic initiatives; 
  • review P3 proposal advancement towards project goals and evaluate impact on institutional goals;
  • report to campus leadership groups regarding funding and project progression as well as communicate to campus at key intervals; and
  • consult with content area experts as needed.

*P3 Board of Directors: Board of Regents State of Iowa representative; UI faculty member appointed by the Faculty Senate; and the UI senior VP for finance and operations