Implementation Progress

Our goal is to expand the university’s impact on local and regional communities, the state of Iowa, and the world by leveraging its areas of distinction, the resources entrusted to it, and the collective talent of its people.

Since the start of the strategic plan, we made significant progress in expanding patient care and healthcare services for Iowans. We also continued to create partnerships with communities across the state, worked to increase access to higher education in Iowa, and established new methods to help all Iowans benefit from the groundbreaking research and innovation taking place on campus. 

Key Metrics

$ 8 Billion

value added to the state economy by UI

According to a FY2022 study by Lightcast, which calculated additional value added to the state of Iowa economy for each of the state's regent institutions

# 2

campus for Green Power Usage

According to EPA's Green Power Partner rankings of college and university partners

# 2

Most Trusted Brand in Health Care

According to a consumer study by Monigle, which also ranked UI Health Care the #3 overall health care brand experience in the U.S.

65,000 +

visitors to Stanley Museum of Art

During the first year in its new building (opened Aug. 2022), the museum also hosted 200+ university courses and 4,000+ K-12 students and educators

Highlights and Success

8,000 +

telehealth appointments

Over the past five years, the program has facilitated over 8,000 telehealth appointments with a child psychiatrist

Graduate students Ethan Wherry, Hannah Lyons, Kaylynn Sieverding, and Gabin Kundwa

UI students crafting plan to help Dubuque increase affordable housing

Four students participating in the Iowa Sustainable Communities program are helping the city of Dubuque create a comprehensive affordable housing action plan.

Staff at the BioBlitz

CLAS students learning about their impact through sustainability requirement

A curriculum change is equipping students to be mindful of how their actions have an impact on society. Under this new requirement, students will be able to investigate connections between humans and natural systems.

Shea Jorgensen

Building a rural health care pipeline

The Carver Rural Iowa Scholars Program is preparing doctors to serve the smaller-size communities where they are needed most, closing health care gaps in Iowa.

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