The UI Strategic Initiatives Fund supports key initiatives tied to the University of Iowa 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. Up to $15 million per fiscal year in non-recurring P3 funds will be available to support the implementation of the strategic plan. 

Anyone in the campus community is able to submit a proposal for a one- to three-year grant. Proposals will go through a vetting process during which the Strategic Plan Action and Resource Committee (SPARC) will recommend the allocation of funds for strategic initiatives to the provost and president for approval. A slate of approved projects will then be submitted to the P3 Board of Directors for review and endorsement. 

Any remaining funds may be used to support other strategic plan initiatives, such as education infrastructure or implementation of additional strategic plan initiatives throughout the year.  

Proposals Funded

In FY 2024, the University of Iowa distributed $15 million in P3 funding, including $2.6 million to four projects selected from a campuswide call for proposals.  

In addition to the four projects, the P3 Board also endorsed $5 million for enhancing education infrastructure on campus. The remaining $7.4 million approved for FY 2024 will be reserved for support of strategic plan initiatives throughout the year. 

In FY 2022, the University of Iowa awarded $12.7 million in P3 funding to eight projects. 

The off-cycle project “Academic Analytics Subscription” was awarded funding of $579,500 over three years in FY 2022 following a review by the UI Strategy Team, recommendation to the university president, and endorsement by the P3 Board. 

In FY 2021, the University of Iowa distributed the first $7.5 million of the investment revenue generated from the public-private partnership (P3) for its utility system. 


Strategic Plan Annual Progress Report

October 2023