Our goal is to provide comprehensive support for individuals throughout their relationship with the university, beginning by attracting and retaining talented students, faculty, and staff who will contribute to a thriving university community.

To accomplish this goal, the university plans to embed well-being and mental health into all aspects of campus culture to better support students, faculty, and staff.

This includes evaluating and improving existing well-being programs, creating a cohesive framework of services and resources for well-being, increasing access and awareness of mental health resources, and expanding curricular and co-curricular learning for all students. Additionally, we will work toward innovative new strategies to recruit, retain, and recognize talented students, faculty, and staff, as well as cultivate a campus culture of data-informed assessment and continuous improvement.

Promoting well-being and success is critical to our future. By providing the appropriate resources for students, faculty, and staff, we can become a destination university for talented individuals who support the achievement of the university's mission and goals.

Spotlight Stories

Spotlight Stories

Empowering faculty and staff to talk student mental health

Supporting the success of our faculty

24/7 Crisis Line for faculty, staff, postdocs

Measuring Our Progress

The university has set specific targets or high-level indicators to monitor our institutional progress, which we will regularly measure and assess to track our improvements in these areas. Recruiting and retaining talented students, faculty, and staff is critical to our future. 


Philanthropic Support for Faculty

Three-year average from FY21-FY23 of support for faculty prizes or awards, fellowships, professorships, chairs, and deanships


Philanthropic Support for Scholarships

Three-year average from FY21-FY23 of support for need- and merit-based scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students