These pages contain archived information about the Path Forward process.
The Path Forward Steering Committee (PFSC), composed of leaders of UI shared governance, was created to advance the implementation of the UI Strategic Plan (UISP) for 2016 to 2021.

Charge to the Steering Committee and Work Groups

The PFSC has convened four work groups that will develop specific, actionable recommendations to the president and other responsible campus decision-makers on how to accomplish the goals of the UISP. To focus their efforts, the PFSC and its work groups have developed annual work plans that include prioritized critical tasks, objectives, and tactics, and have identified those responsible campus individuals or entities. The four work groups are: (1) Student Success; (2) Research and Discovery; (3) Engagement; and (4) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Collaboration. The work plans emphasize activities that are achievable, measurable, and promote the vision and goals of the university.

Each of the four work groups has chosen critical tasks (from the UI Strategic Plan) on which to focus during the calendar year. The work groups have identified objectives and tactics to guide progress on the prioritized critical tasks within the coming year. These objectives might be achievable in a one-year timeframe or aspirational with specific annual benchmarks to measure progress toward achievement of the objectives within a two- to three-year period. At the conclusion of the calendar year, each work group will prepare an annual report identifying progress made toward achieving the identified critical tasks as well as the goals of the UI Strategic Plan. We expect that critical tasks can be added, modified, or carried forward from year to year. Of particular importance are critical tasks that may not already be undertaken in other campus committees/units.

Work groups are encouraged to engage additional university (and beyond) stakeholders and experts as they initiate their efforts on specific objectives, and to draw upon the work of previous Path Forward Teams—the Strategy Implementation Team and the Operations Team. The work groups will work collaboratively with existing campus committees or other work groups on issues of mutual interest. Work groups will be expected to meet with and present periodic progress reports to the PFSC, at least once per semester.