These pages contain archived information about the Path Forward process.
The Path Forward Steering Committee convened four work groups to develop specific, actionable recommendations to the president and other responsible campus decision-makers on how to accomplish the goals of the UI Strategic Plan.

Our goal is to provide a transformative educational experience that educates all UI students to be engaged citizens.

  • Create a more inclusive campus culture.
  • Prepare students to be experts in their disciplines and leaders in their fields.
  • Optimize campus environments to support holistic student success.
  • Invest in graduate and professional student support.
  • Become a Research I institution of choice for undergraduate students aspiring to pursue graduate or professional education.


Shaun Vecera
Co-chair; Professor, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, CLAS

Cornelia Lang
Co-chair; Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Physics & Astronomy, CLAS

Sarah Hansen
Vice President for Student Life

Renee Cole
Professor, Chemistry

Charlotte Brown
Center for Student Involvement & Leadership

Jean Florman
Director, Office of Teaching, Learning and Technology Center for Teaching

Kathy Hall
Senior Director, Office of Academic Programs and Student Development (CLAS)

Erin Irish
Associate Professor, Biology

Elizabeth Lara
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director, Graduate College

Cody Pritchard
TRIO Student Support Services, Center for Diversity & Enrichment

Maureen Schafer
Senior Associate Director, Academic Advising Center

Brenda Ulin
ITS, Administrative Information Systems

Anne Sparks
Academic Affairs Coordinator, Graduate College

Andrew Beckett
Associate Dean, University College

Angi McKie
Pomerantz Career Center

Thomas Pak
GPSG Representative

Lori Adams
Associate Professor of Instruction, Biology

Lynn Barker
UI Center for Advancement

Bob Kirby
Director, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates

Dana Thomann
Lecturer, Rhetoric

Stephanie Preschel
Associate Director, Academic Support & Retention

Anna Flaming
Associate Director, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology, Center for Teaching

Kristine Munoz
Professor, Communication Studies

Tanya Uden-Holman
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of University College

Regan Smock
UISG Representative

Our goal is to perform high-impact research.

  • We will create a university ecosystem that enables the UI to be an international leader in confronting the grand challenges of the 21st century.
  • Recruit and retain faculty and staff who possess the broad diversity essential to our research mission.
  • Foster a campus culture in which UI faculty, students, and staff can maximize their research productivity.


Ted Abel
Co-chair; Professor, Physiology

Corinne Peek-Asa
Co-chair; Professor, Occupational and Environmental Health (College of Public Health)

Sandra Daack-Hirsch
Associate Professor, College of Nursing

Erin Brothers
Sponsored Programs

Joe Kearney
Professor, Computer Science

Bob Kirby
Associate Director, Honors Program

Rebekah Kowal
Professor, Dance

Amy Lee
Professor, Physiology

Peggy Nopoulos
Professor, Psychiatry

Ann Ricketts
Senior Assistant Vice President for Research

Diane Slusarski
Professor and Department Chair, Biology

Milan Sonka
Professor and Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Eric Tate
Associate Professor, Geographical and Sustainability Sciences

Our goal is to engage with Iowa and the world to broaden education, improve health, and enhance economic development.

  • Enhance the UI’s statewide visibility and increase access to UI expertise.
  • Create lifelong learning opportunities that broaden the UI’s reach across Iowa.
  • Create pathways for students to pursue health careers and remain in Iowa.
  • Enhance health partnerships.
  • Support the translation of intellectual work into applications to enhance economic development.
  • Create a model to engage the time and talents of alumni.


Peter Damiano
Co-chair; Director, Public Policy Center; Professor, College of Dentistry

Teresa Mangum
Co-chair, Professor and Director, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies

Heather Mineart
Administrative Services Manager, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Research; President Staff Council

Jeneane Beck
Assistant Vice President for External Relations, Office of Strategic Communications

Nic Benson
Director of Community Outreach, Provost's Office of Outreach & Engagement

Mercedes Bern-Klug
Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Jonathan Carlson
Professor, College of Law

Dan Matheson
Associate Professor of Instruction and Director, Sports and Recreation Management

Edith Parker
Dean, College of Public Health

Mirra Anson
Director, Academic Support and Retention

John Doershuk
State Archaeologist

David Gould
Educational Support Manager, Belin-Blank Center

Paul Thelen
Assistant Director, Waterman Nonprofit Resource Center

Anne Zalenski
Associate Dean, Distance Programs and Courses

Saba Ali
Professor and Associate Dean, College of Education

Matt Augeri
Director, Career Leadership Academy, Pomerantz Career Center

Kelley Drowne
Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations (Tippie CoB)

David Hensley
Executive Director, Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center

Nadine Petty
Executive Director, Center for Diversity and Enrichment

Heather Wilensky
Executive Director, Alumni Engagement, UI Center for Advancement

Richard Barajas
Director of Admissions, College of Pharmacy

Chuck Connerly
Professor and Director, Urban and Regional Planning

John Culshaw
University Librarian

David Cunning
Professor and Chair, Philosophy; Co-Chair, 2016-21 UI Strategic Plan Development Group

Laura McLeran
Senior Advisor to the President, Associate Vice President for External Relations

Larry Weber
Professor and Executive Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Julianna Lee
Assistant Director, Public Policy Center

David Cwiertny
Associate Professor, College of Engineering

Frederick Boehmke
Professor, Political Science

Emily Hughes
Professor and Associate Dean, College of Law

Lauren Lessing
Director, UI Stanley Museum of Art

Andy Winkelmann
Director, Educational Programming, UI Athletics

Our goal is to create and sustain a welcoming, collaborative environment for all members of the community.


Julie Zerwic
Co-chair; Dean, College of Nursing

Cheryl Reardon
Co-chair; Chief HR Officer; Associate VP

Bria Marcelo
Director of Diversity Resources (Steering Committee)

Sarah Hansen
Vice President for Student Life (Steering Committee)

Keith Carter
Professor and Chair, Ophthalmology

Kevin Kregel
Interim Executive vice president and provost

Claire Fox
Professor and Department Chair, English

Colleen Mitchell
Associate Professor, Mathematics

Nicole Nisly
Professor, Internal Medicine

Gabriela Rivera
Assistant Director, Diversity, Inclusion & Student Success (Tippie College of Business)

Rene Rocha
Associate Professor, Political Science

Liz Tovar
Associate Athletics Director, Student-Athlete Academic Services

Winnie Uluocha
Graduate Student (Law & Public Health)