We are working to facilitate proactive campus cultural change to cultivate a more respectful, inclusive environment that embeds diversity and equity into the Iowa experience.

The Welcoming and Inclusive Environment priority strives to create a culture where people of all backgrounds and perspectives feel welcomed and appreciated.

To make this vision a reality, we are evaluating policies and programs, engaging in activities that promote diversity and inclusion, and improving support for diverse students, faculty, and staff. Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to eliminate barriers and improve accessibility for all on campus.

Together, we will build a truly welcoming and inclusive community, where everyone can thrive. This initiative aims to inspire and empower every member of our community to make a positive impact on our campus environment, which will ultimately enrich the university experience for all.

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Spotlight Stories

Measuring Our Progress

The university has set specific targets or high-level indicators to monitor our institutional progress, which we will regularly measure and assess to track our improvements in these areas. Retention and graduation rates are trending up in general at Iowa, including first-year retention and four-year graduation rates among first-generation and underrepresented minority students. We are continuing to implement student success initiatives with the aim of decreasing retention and graduation gaps.

85.7 %

First-Year Retention Rate for Underrepresented Minority Students

Three-year average of students from the 2020-2022 cohorts

80.9 %

First-Year Retention Rate for First-Generation Students

Three-year average of students from the 2020-2022 cohorts