Implementation Overview

Our goal is to create an environment where teaching and learning thrive, and where every student has the support and resources they need to succeed.

To accomplish this goal, we are executing strategies across six different areas consisting of teaching and learning, advising and guidance, high impact practices, mentoring, access and enrollment, and financial support and employment. Since starting the strategic plan, we launched several initiatives to support course and curriculum innovation, expand development opportunities for instructors, and promote an institutional culture that elevates teaching excellence. We also built on initiatives to enrich student learning experiences and expand opportunities for academic and career development.

Key Metrics

90 %

retention rate for First-Gen Hawks participants

First-Gen Hawks provides academic, financial, and social support for students who are the first in their family to go to college

3,500 +

students enrolled in 22-23 courses using Learning at Iowa concepts

Learning at Iowa is a student success initiative that uses evidence-based strategies to teach students how to learn or study effectively


large introductory courses participating in ETL P3 initiative

In 2022, more than 11,500 students were enrolled in courses that used strategies like updating curriculum, revising course material, changing assessment strategies, or adding learning assistants to enhance student support

$ 3.3M

increase in need-based scholarships and grants

awarded by the UI in the 2021-22 academic year

Highlights and Success

$ 28.5M

7-year GEAR UP Grant

to support students from 13 Iowa school districts

Students in a Psychological and Brain Sciences class

Helping students succeed, graduate, and launch their career

The University of Iowa is dedicated to giving everyone an opportunity to thrive on campus, and a series of programs and initiatives implemented through the 2022-27 Strategic Plan are helping students do just that. 

Students in a Human Anatomy class

Redesigning introductory courses to improve student learning

As part of the P3-funded Excellence in Teaching and Learning project, faculty in six departments have redesigned their large-enrollment introductory STEM courses, taken primarily by first- and second-year students, to improve student experiences and learning outcomes.

Student working for University Housing and Dining

Student employee classification system enhances career readiness

A new HR classification system establishes minimum wage levels, improves job descriptions, and helps student employees enhance their resume by allowing them to show how they progressed within their roles.

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