Download the Strategic Plan for 2022-2027 (PDF)

Advance the success of UI scholars, researchers, and artists and build on the university’s distinctive strengths in areas of current and emerging research and creative discovery. 

The University of Iowa is dedicated to the discovery, dissemination, and preservation of knowledge; has a tradition of interdisciplinary and cross-collegiate scholarship; and seeks to translate its successes through innovation and entrepreneurship. Cutting-edge research informs high-impact educational experiences, and through public engagement the university puts knowledge into practice to improve the lives of individuals and their communities. Advancing research and creative discovery at the university is key to the success of strategies throughout this plan.

Objectives and Strategies​​​​​

  1. Build on the university’s reputation for excellence in research and creativity by bolstering existing areas of distinction and identifying new and emerging strategic opportunities. 
    1. Using a data-driven approach, identify and prioritize existing areas of distinction and emerging areas of excellence.
    2. Develop plans to support strategic areas of growth in research and creative activity.
    3. Use existing resources and internal funding opportunities to promote cutting-edge research and interdisciplinary teams.
  2. Support a culture of creativity, innovation, and interdisciplinary collaboration to grow leading-edge research, scholarship, and creative activities. 
    1. Create and support collaborative groups of thought leaders and innovators to advance interdisciplinary collaboration in strategic areas, including sciences; well-being and mental health; arts and humanities; and diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    2. Leverage campus resources and external connections to develop and promote entrepreneurship opportunities and foster economic and social impact.
    3. Identify opportunities to enhance support for translational and community-engaged research.
  3. Enhance critical infrastructure to enable and support excellence in research, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 
    1. Continue development and implementation of short- and long-term plans to manage research space, including deferred maintenance and new construction.
    2. Ensure support services for research and creative work meet institutional needs and contribute to the success of researchers and scholars.
    3. Explore traditional and non-traditional avenues to increase external funding.
    4. Accelerate entrepreneurship and support broader economic development through innovative engagement and partnerships with industry and community organizations. 
  4. Support efforts to increase involvement of students at all levels in research and creative work. 
    1. Assess available training opportunities for students who are engaged in or are seeking to engage in research, and integrate or expand opportunities as needed.
    2. Seek increased external funding for faculty and staff to expand opportunities for student participation in research and creative work.
    3. Expand and improve awareness of institutional pathways for student participation in research and creative work and for presenting, publishing, and otherwise disseminating student work outside the university.