Download the Strategic Plan for 2022-2027 (PDF)


The plan is organized around five priorities, which emerged from the work of the strategic plan development teams, the various feedback sessions held in summer and fall 2021, and collegiate and central administrative unit strategic plans finalized in spring 2021. The priorities are: Excellence in teaching and learning, innovative research and creative discovery, welcoming and inclusive environment, holistic well-being and success, and transformative societal impact.

graphic representation of the five key priority areas

These five priorities are interconnected, each informing the others in crucial ways, and none taking precedence. Innovative research, for example, plays a key role in the UI’s impact
on the state of Iowa through economic development and the health and well-being of Iowans and their communities. Creating and maintaining an inclusive, welcoming, and equitable environment is crucial to excellence in teaching and learning, to successful research, to individual and community well-being, and to every other aspect of the university’s mission.

Taken as a whole, the five areas emphasize that the university’s priority is its people. Everything is done in support of those who come to campus—physically or virtually—to learn,  teach, discover, create, and work; in support of the university’s partners in communities across the state of Iowa and around the world; and in support of patients, families, and others whose lives the university works to make better.


  • Excellence in teaching and learning: Foster high-quality teaching and dynamic educational experiences that empower all students to achieve their aspirations. 

  • Innovative research and creative discovery: Advance the success of UI scholars, researchers, and artists and build on the university’s distinctive strengths in areas of current and emerging research and creative discovery. 

  • Welcoming and inclusive environment: Facilitate proactive campus cultural change to cultivate a more respectful, inclusive environment that embeds diversity and equity into the Iowa experience. 

  • Holistic well-being and success: Provide a comprehensive foundation of support for individuals throughout all stages of their relationship with the university, beginning by attracting and retaining talented students, faculty, and staff who will contribute to a thriving university community. 

  • Transformative societal impact: Expand the university’s impact on local and regional communities, the state of Iowa, and the world by leveraging its areas of distinction, the resources entrusted to it, and the collective talent of its people.