Download the Strategic Plan for 2022-2027 (PDF)

Facilitate proactive campus cultural change to cultivate a more respectful, inclusive environment that embeds diversity and equity into the Iowa experience. 

Diversity (broadly defined), equity, and inclusion are essential to every aspect of the University of Iowa’s mission and are embedded in each of the strategic priority areas, with attention to the myriad ways they are foundational to excellence in teaching, research, and service. The university is dedicated to transparency, communication, collaboration, and accountability in its diversity, equity, and inclusion growth and seeks to provide an inclusive environment in which individuals have a sense of belonging and have the ability to achieve their potential.

Objectives and Strategies​​​​​

  1. Evaluate and improve programs and policies to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the university community. 
    1. Launch a comprehensive evaluation of university policies and procedures to identify and address gaps related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.
    2. Expand institutional programming and promote individual engagement in activities focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    3. Evaluate and improve student transition and orientation programming.
    4. Identify and address gaps in mentoring, training, and recognition programs related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  2. Promote expansion and campuswide awareness of physical spaces and resources that provide dedicated support for diverse students, faculty, and staff.   
    1. Assess accessibility of physical spaces on campus and prioritize needed improvements.
    2. Expand and increase awareness of physical spaces and resources that provide engagement with diverse communities.
    3. Expand and increase awareness of opportunities for the campus community to learn across perspectives and experiences.
  3. Use best practices and data-driven, evidence-based policies and procedures to retain talented and diverse students, faculty, and staff.  
    1. Identify factors contributing to students, faculty, and staff leaving the institution, and develop plans to reduce attrition.
    2. Coordinate and optimize the use of existing retention programs informed by best practices.
  4. Develop the process of communicating and elevating the institution’s values related to diversity, equity, and inclusion through unified campuswide strategy, narratives, content, and promotion.  
    1. Assess the feasibility of a hub-and-spoke communications model to better coordinate diversity, equity, and inclusion messaging, narratives, and content, and share best practices across colleges and central administrative units.
    2. Embrace, communicate, and promote university core values in messaging while broadly defining diversity and inclusion.